THINGS I TOLD THE INTERNET, BUT DIDN’T TELL MY MOM – An interesting project of the Philidelphia based artist Anna Ladd. As we all share a load of content on the internet, Anna wondered how and why her daily blogging has changed her concept of privacy. Did you ever shared content on the internet that you never told anyone in person?

Anna explains: “The phrases are all taken directly from things that I have posted online in the last few years, but never talked about in person. The playful and celebratory nature of the banners contrasts their content, which is vague and lacks context, in order to keep the viewer at an emotional distance.”

We were triggered by one image particularly… The one that says: “No one else has ever told me that I am desirable with the lights on”. It’s the combination of the playfull and colorfull banners in contrast to the serious message and the interesting, yet average, background that moved us. The average surroundings suggest that it really could be anyone that used this quote, that shows so much vulnerability and insecurity. Beautifull and alarming at the same time.