Anna Vogel & Louisa Clement – Addicted to Question in berlin

Louisa Clement & Anna Vogel examine the edges of photography. Their digital and manual interventions widen the known perception of the photographic image in an experimental and impartial way and exculpate it from the factual. In fact, both artists show in their own way how to separate the photographic connection to time and space, revealing universal and at the same time individual poetic pictoral spaces. Both are students of prof. Andreas Gursky at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf. It’s their first exhibition in Berlin.

Anna Vogel shows typical landscapes in small size. She destroys our common and iconic image of sea and mountainsides through manual scratchings, over-painting with airbrush or acrylic, collage and digital manipulation. This way Vogel completely dares us to question ourselves about the mysteria of memory.

Louisa Clement‘s processed photographs depict still lifes. Her attentively arranged images showing the interiors of trains, passages, corners and carelessly abondoned objects are marked by diffuse surfaces and soft colors. Misty lines and consequent shades of pastel create melancholic, deserted spaces. Her images show unfamiliar but at the same time well-known worlds, wich serve as a matrix for associative memorial journeys.

Andreas Gursky became famous with his large and brilliant diasec-photographs. Loved by a great amount of collectors… Obviously, because the most expensive photograph ever was a Gursky. Anna’s and Louisa’s work definately have the master’s wink in their work. But in contrast to his work, these two young german photographers show a new interest ininwartdness and mystery.

Anna Vogel’s work is also exhibitioned at Conrads Galerie during UNSEEN in Amsterdam (29 – 29 september)

The full exhibition is already open for public in Berlin:

addicted to question
9 September – 29 September

Opening hours: Mon 10am – 3pm, Tue – Sat 12 – 6pm and by appointment

Hamburger Straße 36
10115 Berlin