Once in a while I need the silence of nature and the peace you can find in vast landscapes. In a search for a new travel destination I encountered CIRCA 1983. This is photography by Owen Perry, specializing in landscape and travel photography.

In Circa 1983 ‘s serie of Chili, Owen shows raw and indescribable landscapes. Unspoiled nature with just a few human impacts in a barren and deserted landscape. Only a few roads that lead you through this lunar-like landscap. The combination of light,  form, color and texture in some pictures just make it surreal. I lose myself in these photos and keep asking myself what can be found behind the next corner, rock or mountain.

But is it the picture or just the place that makes the image so interesting? The place is absolutely a core ingredient for a great photograph! Capture landscapes like this isn’t easy as it may look. A random snapshot wouldn’t make this majestic landscape mysticism. The best way to understand this is to take a picture of you’re next majestic landscape and make it interesting as hell! Think carefully about your frames, composition and shapes. Good luck with that…

I definitely put these places on my travel wish list! Want to see more? Check Owen’s website or blog.

Where to find in Chile?

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