The Los Angeles based photographer, Simone Lueck was invited by her friend Erin for a 2-week trip to Havana. All she knew about Cuba was that people drove old American cars and that Ché Guevara was tied with Bob Marley as most popular poster in dorm rooms. The first thing she noticed in Havana was that the city was dark at night. There were no streetlights, porch lights or living-room lamps. It was pitch black except for the faint colorful glow spilling out of open doors everywhere, and it came from the TVs. The light captivated her. For the next two weeks she wandered around, slipping in and out of strangers’ living rooms. Each time Simone came across an open door and a working TV set, she would ask if he could take a picture. The answer was always yes. Nobody seemed to think it was an odd request and it was usually accompanied by a Cuban coffee or rum.