We just got back from a very inspirational trip to Dubai and Vietnam! (You probably saw the instant footage on our Instagram account though) We really have to show you a bunch of really cool places. First – let us introduce you to the Desert Palm Resort Dubai. An awesome located resort just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Dubai, at the edge of the desert.

After landing safely there are a few things that can make me really happy… a good connection to my hotel, a cold (or hot) refreshing towel and a serene hotel room. The Desert Palm was a really nice treat after our flight from Amsterdam. The resort is set admidst a 150 acre polo estate and the property is not easily accessible for just any tourist looking for a hotel… wich gives an instant feeling of relaxation.
Our Palm Suite had a bath to die for and the look and feel was well balanced between arabic, luxurious and boutique. For instance the bathroom. I really wouldn’t call it a bathroom though… it’s more like a bathing area with a centred bath and a huge shower-room. It is not “boxed away” between 4 walls, instead it has a linen curtain separating the hall from the bathing area. The way it is set up, ensures the perfect atmosphere.

A feature that always makes a hotel my home away from home is the iPod connection. When I plug-in my iPhone/ iPad to the Bang & Olufsen sound system I suddenly have this need for pj’s and an episode of Suits (or I start karao-king to my current favorite song).

Ever stayed at a hotel that’s really into Polo? This was my first Polo experience and I was really curious about it to be honest. One of the staff members took us on a tour in one of those golf cars. The Desert Palm resort property is huge! There are more stables then there are hotel rooms – I think. There are a few polo fields and in case you want to learn how to play Polo or if you want horse riding lessons, just ask the front desk. There’s an afternoon tea with homemade scones and sandwiches while you can enjoy a polo game from a front row seat.

The green and quiet surroundings of the Desert Palm resort are impressive and add value to a relaxing stay in Dubai. Even when you’re not staying in the Desert Palm you should visit their Lime spa. I had a full body massage that cured me from a sore back for the rest of our trip!!