Some of the most beautifull rice-fields (sawa’s) are situated in Ubud, Bali. You will find them all through the year, but at sawa season it’s the most beautifull. Unfortunately we missed the rice-field season, but there was still loads of other stunning places to see. We had a touch of wild when we stayed in Casa Luna Honeymoon Suites, surrounded by lots of greenery.

Situated near Ubud’s main street, it still is in the middle of sawa fields and is surrounded by a beautifull garden. We were amazed by the style of the rooms. It is designed in traditional Balinese wood carving, wich is awesome. The most increadible doors will give entrance to your suites. We had a 2 bedroom suite and a spacious bathroom. Sitting on the terrace outside our suite – enjoying a cup of tea, was such a pleasure after a day hiking, sight seeing or just to wright our travel diary and overthink our day.

The owner of Casa Luna is Janet DeNeefe, a true Aussie that runs Casa Luna as well as a restaurant where you can take part in cooking classes and such.

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