This cute boutique hotel had a very succesfull renovation wich the public is welcome to enjoy again since 2012. Originally the hotel was established in 1927, so the new owners dicided to keep some of the old beauty of the building during the renovation.

They managed to create a typical 1900’s Singapore ‘nanyang’ look and mix it with fresh contemporary ideas, combined with the beauty of the building itself resulted in a succesfull surprise.

A staircase trip is definately worth your time. You will find a cozy corner on every floor.
Besides that, you can also take a peek at the pictures they took during the renovation. They’re framed all across the main areas of the hotel.

The rooms are a little small, but are well designed and everything you need is present.
Situated in little India, everything you need is just around the corner. There’s a foodcourt right across the street and MTR station Lavender is just a 10 min. walk.