Hotel: Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade Amsterdam


When you are looking to book a hotel in Amsterdam you will have a hard time choosing one. Not because there aren’t any, but because there are só many. A little while ago we were invited for a sleepover in Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade. We stayed in a colorful room designed by dutch designer Wannes Royaards.

The Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade is really one of a kind. The Royal Dutch Lloyd (old shipping company) building served as a home-away-from-home for many people since the opening in 1920. First as a pitstop for emigrants before leaving Holland until today as a 1* – 5* hotel, providing a stay for travelers in every price range.

LLOVE LAMP, wannes royaards, lloyd hotel Amsterdam, lloyd hotel, dutch designBeing a showcase for dutch design from the start, naturally they started a very own design label celebrating their 10th anniversary: “LLOVE DESIGN”. The second item in the LLOVE DESIGN label is the LLOVE LAMP designed by Wannes Royaards.

To exhibit the LLOVE LAMP in all it’s glory, Wannes also designed an entire room according to the Wannes Royaards style – totally available for bookings!

We stayed there 1 night and enjoyed the huge bed, the shiny walls and what also came in handy was the firm bathroom designs. I was too small for the mirrors, so I had to climb on top of the furniture to do my make up (as you can see in the pictures above)… Last but not least, the breakfast is a real bonus (which every guest can experience)!