Meet Maddie the coonhound. She’s an expert in…standing on things. Maddie is Theron Humphrey’s best friend and together they took a trip across the 50 USA states to escape the hectic life and worldwide drive of materialism. As they took of, Theron didn’t planned on photographing Maddie as a project, it was the This Wild Idea project (a photojournalist diary of ”meeting folks, loving folks, living the dream) that had his focus. What started as something he did in spare time while photographing his project on the road, became a beautifull capture of a man and his dog cruising through the USA. ”Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project about Dogs and Physics” is a collection of 120 delightful photos where Theron Humphrey captures his beautiful dog Maddie doing what she does best: standing on things with remarkable grace and patience.

Maddie Book Tour! from This Wild Idea on Vimeo.