This is Pandemonia, a gorgeous personality that was visiting Amsterdam for PUPMAG. Pulp Collectors’ Manoah met up with the PUP crew and Pandemonia to shoot this video. See a moment in Pandemonia’s life and what it’s like to be a real life artwork.

Pandemonia is seen more and more often at fashionweeks around the globe and other social events. But it’s not the glamour she’s looking for. In an interview she says: “I’m showing my work and this is the perfect surrounding to show it in”. By visiting Amsterdam for the first time she’s getting her work exposed to new people and a new culture: “I’m really interested to see how it’s digested by them” – Pandemonia says about the dutchies.
Inspired by her own idea of society and how she interacted with it, allong with the rise of celebrity culture, Pandemonia was created. She says: “Celebrity effects everybody, I’m kind of an idea in your mind. When your talking about it or someone describes it… your part taking in it aswell.”

By being an actual living artwork, taking part in social media, internet and interacting with it Pandemonia feels like she’s pioneering. What’s she does is not really to be boxed… “It’s not really pop-art, it’s more than that. It’s a social critique of our culture, but it actually interacts with it aswell… that’s why I call it POST POP“.