Just a few months ago we took off to Portugal. We spend our first days in cozy Lissabon, slept in a beautifull apartment located on one of the hillsides of Lissabon with a stunning view. This is what happend…

When I’m above the clouds, leaving Holland behind, I start to feel better. Early flights are just not my thing – no matter where the flight is taking me.
I try to think about the weather in Lisbon. It will be sunny and beautifull there. All the new things I will see, all the new food I will taste! What can I say… it made me feel excited again, my morning mood was gone.

On our way to our apartment, I texted the host about our arriving time. This was her reply: ‘Happy you landed safely. I may not be there in time, please wait there for me if so. See you in a minute!’ When we arrived at the Lisbon Inside Connect apartment, she wasn’t there. But I didn’t mind. I was studying a Lisbon guide wihile chilling in the sun. After about 20 minutes a young girl arrived, totally stressed out, appologizing over and over again. Poor thing! [could have been me a few years ago, haha] She openend the front door to a hallway with a beautifull marble staircase. We carried our suitcases up to the second floor and again she opened a door, the one to our private apartment. Cleaners were still at work while we got our ‘grand tour’.

Eventually we found out we were only guest No.5 staying in the apartment! YEAY! The building and the apartment were stunning. “You can see the river from up here!” – I was so excited about this place. The kitchen, the livingroom, the WALK-IN CLOSET [yep]… perfect. I didn’t even mind the fact that I had to make my own breakfast every morning.

The next morning I woke up with a morning mood (as I always do). But, I got up and staggered to the kitchen for some coffee. Percolator coffee that is. Somehow I totally felt like being in a movie. You know… Stunning light is slightly shining into the room, white curtains are waving into the room and there’s someone enjoying a fresh coffee in an open window overlooking a wonderfull view… ME!


Lisbon is cute. Alfama, an old part of the city is really nice for strolling around and discover new corners. Just take a few lefts and rights, follow those stairs and see where it takes you. Google Maps is pretty important though. You will get lost easily. Bairo Alto is one of our favorite districts in Lisbon. It’s modern, hip and happening, cool and there are many quality shops.


We selected a few of our favorite places and must do’s in Lisbon for you!

Pois Café for a lunch and coffee stop! Great atmosphere, nice staff and all homemade products.
Casanova for tasty pizza along the river boulevard!
Pharmacia for a experience you won’t forget.

– Rua do Norte for Sneaker Delight, Sky Walker and Dream Pills (urban and alternative)
– Rua do Pedro V for Espaço B, Alexandra Moura and other really good shops (trend and quality)

The free cityview at Sta. Catarina, it’s where Pharmacia and Noo Bar are located.

Lisbon Scooter Rental – rent a vintage bike! For about €18,-/h you can cruise the city
in style and even take off to Porto if you like. The owner is very kind and helpfull,he can give you some really good Lisbon advice aswell!
– Tram 28 ride through the city.

On the outer corners of Lisbon you’ll find LX Factory. A domain where all sort of creatives are packed together. You can shop, have a tour and drink delicious Sangria (read how good it was HERE) It’s a perfect place to start a Portugal road trip as well!

After a discovering Lisbon, we started our road trip to the Algarve from here with a rented car. If you’re staying in Portugal a little longer too, have a peek at our Portugal Algarve post for a route highlighting the best (not touristic) beaches in Algarve.