Prune Nourry – Terracotta Daughters

Terracotta Daughters, 108 life-sized female sculptures stand at attention in this powerful exhibit created by multi-disciplinary artist Prune Nourry. Prune is a multi-disciplinary artist from France. She presents in many of her works concerns on biotech and genetic evolution, particularly from a graceful but compelling female’s perspective.

The sculptures are showing respect to the great history of the local land, the overlook and arrangement refers to the image of the significant archeological excavation—Terracotta Soldiers in Xi’an, China. Prune refers to not only the presentation of the works, but also it’s making techniques. In the series, all sculptures were made in collaboration with Chinese craftsmen who practice ancient molding technologies—as like how Terracotta Soldiers were produced.

Differently from the ancient theme, the soldier figures were replaced with images of 108 young females who had their facial features artificially cross-paired from 8 Chinese girls. An army of the 108 semi-identical daughters raise questions to artificial procreation following with the idea of eugenics. Through the exquisite depictions of the manufactured girl figures, Prune brings awareness to women’s seemingly unchangeable fates, and speaks for woman’s social status.