You probably love your job and you most likely have a hard time leaving it behind. Congratulations on that. It’s probably the best job ever!- Can you remember the feeling of serenity though? What it’s like to just lie at the beach, do nothing and have complete peace with that? You know… to think in blanks? No? Not so much? Shame! We all deserve a dose of pampering and blanks once in a while.

What you need is to find a place where everything around you will let you be. Where personell says hi and hello without wanting you to buy anything. Where service is natural not tought. Where the rooms are so exiting you do your ‘happy dance’ first thing after you closed the door behind you. A Trendy Beauty & Health Hotel where everyone is able to think in blanks, weather you need booming parties or spa treatments to do so.

Are you aware of the W components? All good things (at least a whole lot of ‘m) come with a W;  Wonderfull, Wow, Whenever, Wherever – Imagine a resort founded on this concept… It would be stunning right?

The W concept is known all around the world and they are still expanding. So wherever you are, you can enjoy the W components. But when you are visiting Bali, it’s a must experience. From the welcome to the breakfast… so worth it!