A holiday becomes perfect when you’re staying in a relaxed atmosphere hotel near the beach where you can enjoy a great view after an active day. We visited the BELMAR SPA & BEACH RESORT to find out if they where the place to go in Algarve.

We arrived in Lagos after a roadtrip drive from Lissabon, it was dark when we got there. When you enter Lagos it’s one straight road and a right turn to the Belmar Spa & Beach Resort. After turning right you can see the sea from a hillside, scroll down the hill and you will reach the resort just a few steps away from the sea. That’s a good start, especially when you just visited a busy city as Lisbon, the peace and quite!

The receptiondesk employee was really awake for the time we arrived. We even had to power up for him a bit. He showed us to our room and explained a few things about the resort.
The next day we saw our sea view from the balcony. I still experienced a morning mood- a daily strungle of mine… but it was one of the best ways to wake up.

On the first day we always wander around a little and see what our surroundings have to offer. We discovered the beach – the one that we were looking at from our room – wich was good for families and world-wanderers, as there was a lot to see and explore but it was also a nice beach to go to for a swim or build castles in the sand.

In case the beach is not your cup of tea, there’s the pool. Actually pools in this case. There’s a heated indoor pool and jacuzzi, an outdoor pool ofcourse, a bathing area (sauna’s etc.) and a spa area. A great place to relax and chill!

The Belmar Spa & Beach Resort was inspired by modern Bali-like architecture. You can see it in the rooftops, color combinations and interior design. It makes the place feel really relaxed and easy. The staff is relaxed and the service is good.

We think this is a great stay in Algarve to reload your battery and relax in a great located resort hotel.

More info about Belmar Spa & Beach Resort – click HERE