The best places are the worst to find, right? Small restaurant Nu Eatery in Hoi An is definitely one of the best kept secrets of Hoi An! Located in a small alleyway in the beautiful ancient city centre of Hoi An, Nu Eatery serves the most surprising ice-cream flavors, delicious spring rolls and super fresh drinks. It’s the cutest place around with great service and local cuisine.

Ofcourse you can enjoy local food almost on every corner you see – Vietnam is known for it’s delicious streetfood. But sometimes we just want a tiny bit more than flip flops and children’s chairs during dinner. Finding the right restaurant in Hoi An can be tricky… Nu Eatery is perfect for a cozy local dinner with just that something extra. Don’t worry, this is not as fancy as this place… you can have a seat with your jeans on. There’s a very easy atmosphere, the decoration is cute and the food is yummy. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for dinner, but I hear the lamb is delicious. We did try the chili and ginger flavored homemade ice-cream though! It’s something you won’t get to taste everyday, it’s corky but oh so good. Nu Eatery has an open kitchen so you can see what’s going on while your food is getting ready. Go there at noon to have a look while they make preparations for dinner, or chill on the sunny rooftop.

As I said Nu Eatery is a little hard to find… We were lucky to hear about it at the best coffee place in Hoi An. Once you’ve found it, take some time to soak up the pictures on the wall, the cute tableware and the floor.

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