If you like a change in your dining menu as a saigon tourist, there are a few good options. One of them is the Meatball Cookery, a restaurant specialized in meatballs. Definitely not what you expect in Saigon, Vietnam, but a very delicious variation to the vietnamese restaurants around town. The Meatball Cookery is a city restaurant with lovely artwork and great interior design. Even the bathroom is worth a visit!

You never have to be hungry in Vietnam. There’s food everywhere and if you want you can have a snack under €1,- on almost every corner. But as I mentioned about restaurants in Hoi An as well… sometimes you just want something extra and maybe even something different than spring rolls and rice. The meatball Cookery is a city restaurant in Saigon that offers just that. You have no choice but meatballs, deliciously served with all kinds of (side) dishes; mashed potatoes, local vegetables or even a refreshing salad. Even though the menu is yummy, I think opening a meatball restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam, Asia (!) literally takes ‘balls’.

Look & feel

The establishment is furnished with artwork by friends of the owner and has a nice designer touch. What I love is that you can’t overview The Meatball Cookery at once, you have to walk through the restaurant to find out what the next corner has in store for you! With a background in interior design, the owner Erlsa did a good job refurnishing the beautiful ancient location and serving delicious meatball cuisine.

Price and cuisine

I had a classic swedish menu with mashed potatoes and cranberry jam on the side but Manoah ordered meatballs served with stir fried veggies – both were finger licking good!
For about 170.000 dong (about €7,-) you have a complete meal.


The Meatball Cookery is located in a beautiful old building near the opera in Saigon. It’s like a passage with 3 or 4 floors. The ground floor is filled with artwork and galeries. Walk through until a crossing, go up the left stairs and find small restaurants and a couture shop. When you take the right stairs, you’ll find L’Usine – a small department store and other must see shops!

The address: 151/5, Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 | (left stairs) 1st FloorHo Chi Minh CityVietnam