When you’re in a place that serves drinks such as an “Ibuprofeno”, a “Morphina” or a “LSD”… You better hope you’re at Pharmacia restaurant. If so, you are totally going to be fine!

Pharmacia is located at Santa Catarina square in Lisbon; near the Bairo Alto district and the Chiado area. It’s perfect to start your weekend vibe and party on after dinner.
In front of the Pharmacia gates you can enjoy a beautifull (free) view over Lisbon city.

When you enter the restaurant you will be welcomed by the staff in laboratory coats. The vibe is easy and this is probably the most doctor-ish place that you will feel so comfortable in!
The decoration is matching too and we can imagine how much time and effort the owners must have put into it. The apothecary display cabins, the glass lab decorations, the H2o water bottles and the china aswell, they all match the Pharmacia style perfectly.

The Pharmacia concept is to share food. So you get small servings and you can try a lot. We went for the surprise menu and honestly it was a nice surprise.
We started with a cold tomato soup, served in a measuring cup. After that we had toast with fresh tuna and a lemon sprinkle. Next was a cup of puffed pastry filled with tomato and coriander. All very tasty and fresh.
We did 50-50 on our main dishes and we had Cutfish on eggs and Black pork with mashed potatoes and goat cheese. Both surprisingly tasty.
Dessert was the best surprise; three-in-one! A homemade brownie, crême brulee and apple crumble. Price for a set menu € 28… Do we need to say more?!

RESTAURANT PHARMACIA LISBON [no website, only facebook] Rua Marechal Saldanha, 1

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