Upcoming shopping area in The Hague

The Zeeheldenkwartier in Den Haag (The Hague, The Netherlands) is still a diamond in the rough. Not many tourists have found this area yet. Perfect for The Fine Store owner Eveline Maat to accommodate her store/ designstudio. The Fine Store is home to a blend of interior design items, jewelry and is an admirable calm store to visit.

Shopping in The Hague can be a little disappointing to be honest. I find it hard to spot stores that are visually true and that have a stunning -yet affordable- collection. The ones that I really like, only sell mens clothing… But now there is something going on in the outher corners of the city! Shopping in The Hague just became a lot more interesting for your home and wardrobe.
One of my (new) favorite places to go is The Fine Store. The collection is very wishlist-dangerous and the store itself is very calm and light – eye candy.


Eveline Maat started the shop about a year ago and combined it with her design studio. Everything displayed is carefully selected by the woman herself! Collaborating with her sister, there was a homeware brand born: By Mölle. A brand that’s all about conscious goods, responsibly made. Stop by to give one of the By Mölle plaids a stroke. Or smell delicious and original scented candles by P.F. Candle Co!


Upcoming weekend (29th – 31st of may 2015) The Hague is organizing the 2nd edition of ‘Designkwartier‘ – an event collaborating with The Hague’s designers and particular stores in the Zeeheldenkwartier. The Fine Store is one of the participants and will introduce design by design van Karimoku New Standard, Zand-Erover, Tempo, Turina Jewellery en Vifa.

Visiting The Hague this weekend for Designkwartier? See other places in The Hague to go at the destinations area!

Piet Heinstraat 64
Den Haag
No website, but Facebook does the trick!