Finally! Light at the end of the (winter) tunnel! Spring is in the air. While mother nature is going through some changes during this time of the year, you might get a bit tired of the birds, the bees and the easterbunnies. Try visiting an exhibition to get inspired for upcoming season.

With a lot of new exhibitions starting from june, for spring there are a few that we’d like to visit while we still can. A few ideas for visiting:

Rosemin Hendriks in Museum het Dolhuys Haarlem (untill 17th april) When we are talking drawings, this is one of my favorites. There are only a few works, it’s not a solo exhibition, but in my humble opinion it’s still worth it.

Robin de Puy in Fotomuseum Den Haag (untill 26th june) While being a successfull photographer, Robin de Puy felt like it was time to ‘shoot’ without a client watching over her shoulder. Her American road trip gave her the chance to go back to deciding for herself what to photograph. This is her first ever solo show in a museum setting.

Game Changers – REINVENTING THE 20TH CENTURY SILHOUETTE in MOMU Antwerp (until 14th august) A close look at the work of fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Do I need to say more?

Jaques Henri Lartigue in FOAM Amsterdam (untill 3rd april) Lartigue was one of those unique people who was able to hold on to his childlike freshness, curiosity and wonder throughout his entire life. He could capture fleeting moments of happiness like no other. This exhibition is a (not THE) story of his life.