A perfect pair of jeans is pretty hard to find. The right color, the right fit. A blue friend that lasts a lifetime. It’s an everlasting struggle. To make this just a little easier and more fun, TENUE DE NIMES came to town. A store where you can find pure jeans that get the job done.

The store itself is very comfortable. Walk, sit or browse – it’s all good… and there’s always someone around to offer you a nice glass of fresh water. It’s a very pleasant place to shop. Tenue de Nimes is specialized in jeans – they offer all kinds of models and brands. Expensive, exclusive pairs like japanese jeans (momotaro) but also levi’s. I even heard a rumor about a private label release soon… But Tenue de Nimes also supplies you in beautifull basics to match with your favorite denim.

While Manoah was shooting (as in photography) the store, I had some time to wander around and soak up some Nimes atmoshphere. It’s well organized and the small cozy corners are arranged perfectly and cute. It’s modern with a wanderer’s touch. Like you walked into a livingroom of an organized collector; showing you items that have a story.

Imagine… Each jeans could take you somewhere. Where would it be?!

Haarlemmerstraat 92-94
1013 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands