Greek restaurants can be such a cliche sometimes. You know; blue and white decoration, names like delphi etc. So we’re happy to tell you about a new style greek restaurant, with top food quality and excellent wines! Strofilia is situated in wich I think is an upcoming neighbourhood of BRXLS, at St. Cathelijne metro stop. You can find a lot of galleries, creative small shops and small designer shops.

Back to food-talk now… The bites at Strofilia are still very greek, but with a special twist. Concept is to select a few dishes and dinner like Spanish tapas. You will have a very nice evening with friends or family enjoying good food and fine wines.

The interior design is split up in 3 area’s. The entrance and the front seatings are modern and the walls are covered with parts of wines cases. The back part is still authentic, greek cliche maybe. Downstairs is for groups and is very tasty! The wine cellar is also in the basement and is worth a peek.

Rue Du Marché aux Porcs 11-13