UNSEEN Amsterdam is a good place to start collecting. Fifty galeries exhibited their most promissing artists and there was something for everyone; artist talks, photograps for sale, galerie owners to meet, but also an artbook market and an interactive artwork.

Unseen is the international photography fair focused on undiscovered photography talent and unseen work by established photographers. There were 50 galeries that showed new talent, including 30 works that were never shown before. Unseen is not only a festival, it also educates it’s visitors through artist talks, discussions and readings in ‘the living room’.

Starting at the main festival area, we discovered new names in photography wonderland, we met a few gallery owners and heard many stories. We were delighted to see one of the photographers previously curated by Pulp Collectors was also represented.

The Unseen Market Hall had an interactive artwork “Trust the cloud”. It was a giant bouncer for grown ups. FUN! First ‘climb’ the cloud on an escalator and then jump into the cloud. While you jump, a picture was made. Mine looked hideous.
This was the area where the firestarters lab was situated aswell. Instagram-pictures-turned-polaroid kind of action was going on there. But the 365º experience was quite cool to experience. A 365º picture was made of a landscape, wich moved with you as you were ‘looking around’.

We found new artists for our online photographers collection and will publish a portfolio of #4 photographers upcoming weeks. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date on the releases!