This exhibition is really something. Curated by the WDSTCK crew, we get to see work of creatives that made beautifull designs and have at least an as beautifull story behind it.

WDSTCK is an initiative of Jesse Sanderson and Wim Verzantvoort – both dream of a fair and honest artistic revolution in the commercial creative industry. They admire the counter culture that was created during the woodstock festival in the late 60’s and feel it’s time to do it again today. In the exhibition WDSTCK encourages the viewers to think free, see posibilities and grap the opportunities that ARE out there!

In the photo’s above a few of our picks;

IRIS – Maarten Schröder. “In a fast world full of excess, a pure and simple image gives me a sense of peace”.
– We agree. The serenity in wich these photographs are taken, had an instant calm effect on me. No hairstyling, no make-up, just as it is. Reality can be beatifull.

ATLAS – Amba Molly. “Craftsmen that I have observed in Ghana and Marocco have peace in their minds and rest in their hands and will work until thay are satisfied. What a huge contrast opposed to the world of mass produced object…”
– We at pulp collectors think it’s a such a pitty that a lot of people forget the value of daily products because of the rush they feel they are in. What makes an object beautifull or appreciated today?

VAN VELS – Stal Collectief. “Quality is our priority”
– Well, with a bowl of concrete you can hardly go wrong there, right? These bowls are heavy as hell, but they are a perfect mix of organic and industrial design. We love.

YANA – Jennifer de Jonge. “We often choose a particular position or course of action when we sit, eat, lie, or stand. But I always wonder why..?”
– Ultimate chilling-diehard must-have. The story behind this one, is one my favorites, but you have to go read/ test it for yourself.

MOMENTO CHAIR – Jesse Sanderson. “I feel strained by conspicious consumption and endless entertainment. Let’s keep it simple, more frugal.”
– Imperfect perfection.

SYMBIOSE – Maurits Büsse. “The same way a surgeon needs a special set of refined insruments, a designer needs them too. It all starts with the crafting process so we might as well put as much effort into the tolls we work with as the designs themselves.”
– Do we need to say more?

A portrait of the lost daughter of Icarus as an ode to the artists. When her father died by the heat of the sun, his daughter hides and locks herself in a cathedral and develops an immense fear towards the sun and the outside…

Below the making of video at the shoot.

From 22 JUNE 2014 – a long time.
website: sprmrkt.nl