“White” at the Dutch Photomuseum (Nederlands Fotomuseum) is an exhibition that is definitely worth to visit. White stands for a fresh start, a blank page. White forms the point of departure for a multi-faceted exhibition in which the public is brought into contact with the various significances of white. WHITE is a multidisciplinary event, presenting documentary, portrait and landscape photography, as well as art, fashion, design, architecture, film, video and more. WHITE is all about our society, about diverse cultures, religion and politics. WHITE is historical and contemporary. It is a voyage of discovery along narratives and experiences full of contrasts between light and dark, open and closed, life and death. WHITE shows the relationship between photography as an art form and current social themes, as well as the interaction between the museum’s own collection, extraordinary works on loan, and unique works realized through commissions.

“Number 8 – Everything is going to be allright” is the work that has ​​the most impact on me. It’s a film by Guido Van Der Werve, where the viewer is (almost) being isolated in a small room where one is confronted with a video projection of a huge ship and a small person moving towards you. What makes this decor even more stunning is the landscape of ice that is being crushed by the ship while it’s in a choreography with the small human in front of it.

I think the way of building tension with only one shot and an almost static image is exceptional.