What a hat can do for you? See what it did to Walt (Breaking Bad), Lucky Luke or Charlie Chaplin… personalities you remember right away. Choose a hat carefully and it will accentuate your personality. Pulp Collectors teamed up with Yellow 108 – a brand that produces beautifull headwear made of sustainable materials.

When we met Yellow 108 during Modefabriek we instantly tried on a few models…  Until that moment I was not a  fan of headwear. But nowerdays I like to wear a hat once in a while. It completes an outfit, it can accentuate your personality or you can just wear it for fun… and there’s always the practical part; it’s warm in winter and it gracefully shades your face in summer.

The Yellow 108 designs are not only comfortable and very stylish but also sustainable… Using materials that are waste from eco textile factories enables them to create a product that is truly unique and a “Limited Edition” from season to season.

More about Yellow 108

Photo’s: Manoah Biesheuvel