With a few films added to his portfolio, now was the time to showcase Anton Corbijn’s work as a photographer in the main gallery of the gemeentemuseum in The Hague. For this exhibition the Dutch photographer searched through his personal archives to show us work never seen before and some of them even forgotten by their creator. But from 21 march – 21 june 2015 they will have their moment of fame.

The exhibition gives you a tour through Anton Corbijn’s phases in photography as a self taught photographer. As a preacher’s son he was always taught to keep a low profile, but eventually Anton discovers this is not the life he wants to live. He wants to be a “somebody”. Armed with a camera he managed to get closer the people who actual achieved that. This was also the starting point for the series a.somebody (2001-2002) in which Anton Corbijn dresses up like his deceased heroes like Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Freddy Mercury. All photographed against the background of his place of birth: Strijen. A village surrounded by the waters of Hollands Deep. Anton says about a.somebody: “The series is about death in my place of birth. It combines my obsession with music with my parents’ obsession with life after death.”

In my opinion Anton doesn’t have to dress up anymore to be a somebody. His work, even though he is hardly prominently/ visually there, prove their creator to be a somebody. Although I don’t think he will ever agree with me on that… Earlier today during the press preview he proved himself to be a humble person and a critical thinker. But this never stopped him from living the moment, I think. He’s ‘The accidental traveller’ for a reason, right?!

“HOLLANDS DEEP” is part of a double exhibition with “1,2,3,4” in The Hague’s photomuseum GEM. The two make an exciting combination of pop music and fine arts.

If you never saw Anton Corbijn’s work before, this is a great way to meet him. If you did, maybe you will get a different perspective after seeing his evolution in photography. Either way, it’s worth a visit.

FROM MAR-21-2015 UNTIL JUN-21-2015

Stadhouderslaan 41