David Catá uses his body as a canvas, writing an autobiographical diary. In his ongoing series ‘A Flor De Piel’, he embroiders portraits of people who have influenced or marked his life – family, friends, teachers, lovers, partners – sewn into the palm of his hand. Their lives have been interwoven with his to build David’s history, which will end when he ran out of sheets to write. The body reflects our envireonment and experiences. Somehow, every person we meet marks us. Their image projects on ours. Every moment lived stays in the memory to finally be forgotten. Somehow, this fact is painful, since there are only material things and traces that people leave behind. Through these sewn, establishes a symbiosis between union, separation, pain and love.

A performatic and symbolic action of lost; the oblivion of a loved one. A ritual action and at the same time contradictory between desire and rejection, dependence and independence in which at the end nothing remains.; only the footprints of lived memories.