Myriam Dion – papiers journaux ajoures

Armed with a scalpel and latest edition of Le Devoir or the International Harold Tribune, Canadian artist Myriam Dion cuts rich textural patterns remeniscent of emroidered lacework right into the pages newspapers. Major design elements and photographs from the pages are often left intact or otherwise incorporated into her paper cuts, creating a strange element of harmony, as if the paper was always intended to look like this. It’s also amazing to consider that each tiny cut is made by hand, and yet more negative space is left behind than actual paper.

Cut out paper is not something we never saw before. It’s just that newspapers are so awfull hard to cut in! The way Myriam worked is very subtile and makes the material even more fragile.

I love the way she created patterns while she accentuates  the excisting shapes. The work is so very detailled that it almost looks like it’s been done by machines. Another thing that caught my attention is the contrast that some of the works create. On one hand some of them remind me of soft carpets with great patterns… while others look like church windows. Softness of a cozy carpet and hard glasslike designs.