Finally…there he is. This guy. Who once planned to be a succesfull business man when he was just a little kid. He could just sit there for hours and hours, watching all the suits ‘n ties running around with umbrella’s and shiny shoes. They seem to run the world – these suits.

One day This guy was sitting on the sidewalk again, wondering if he could ever run the world like these suits did. But then, out of the sudden, a suit sat down with him and told him: “SWAGGER”

For ages This guy walked around, looking for “SWAGGER”. Any time he looked up thinking he found a spark of it, it turned out to be either fake or excessively expensive. What did the suit ment that very day?
At the end of This guys‘ hope to find his swagger, someone stopped him and points at something behind him…

FinallyThis guy found SWAGGER. Now, when will you?

We are pointing you at a store in Singapore, a place where you will find high quality SWAGGER for a reasonable price. All shiny shoes are customized to your wishes. All suits are available in any fabric you wish for. The store has the look and feel of a gentlemens club, expect nothing less, but feel absolutely free to visit. The staff is very helpfull and friendly and they will help you find your SWAGGER.

15 Ann Siang Rd.

Pics by Pulp Collectors